System Design
Here is the process we use to build a system to suit your requirements. Note that, as a client, you are always in control of the work and required to agree to each step.

Work Flow Analysis

We spend 1-3 days on-site at head office and in the field determining how your business works today.

Visionary Statement

The Work Flow Analysis allows us to write up a document that clearly identifies the issues and how a new solution can overcome these. This needs to be fully agreed between you, the client, and us at Ideal Host to ensure mutual understanding.

Proof of Concept

Once the visionary statement is agreed Ideal Host will create a presentation. This will show you and your colleagues the technologies and products we intend to use to provide a solution to fulfil the vision. This should give you the confidence in us to allow us to proceed to a pilot system

Where specialised hardware or equipment is needed for the solution, Ideal Host can aid in finding and purchasing the equipment needed

Pilot Specification

Before starting the Pilot system we need to write a more detailed specification. The basis of this specification will be the vision statement.

Pilot Development

Once the pilot specification is read and signed off by you, we will pass this to our development team to start work. During the development we will schedule meetings with you to keep you informed on progress.

Pilot Implementation

Once agreed we will install the pilot system into a test centre/depot. The pilot system will be tested for a specified time period.

Main Solution Specification

During the pilot we will incorporate all the lessons learnt and business rules into the main solution specification. The specification will grow and become the master document.

Main Development

The main specification is sent to our development team to be developed.

Development Testing

Ideal Host will test the solution prior to installation at your site.


Ideal Host will install the main solution into the pilot site.


Where necessary Ideal Host will setup all the links to the line of business systems and setup a test environment for the integration logic to be tested

User testing

The final solution will be tested by the pilot site as they have had the most exposure to the pilot system.

Project Planning (Prince2 standard)

If required Ideal Host will assist in project managing the complete rollout of the solution into the entire business. Managing change, implementation, training and hand holding.


For the solution to fulfil its potential it is imperative that sufficient training is given. Training can be tailored to your specific needs ranging from a few specific individuals to the entire work force.


We will warrant the solution for a specified period of time. The project will be signed off once the warranty period has come to an end.

As with any solution the users will require help and assistance. Ideal Host will offer a variety of support contracts to meet your needs.

See hardware and software requirements.

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