Many clients will already have all the hardware required apart from the PDA's themselves. Our mobile service providers will normally offset the cost of the hardware against the life of the contract so that capital cost is very little if anything. If more rugged devices are needed, we have relationships with Intermec and Symbol.
After we have conducted our first few days work flow analysis we shall recommend the best device for the job. Our main two mobile provider partners are O2 and Orange. Both offer a very good product and have extremely good coverage throughout the UK. We recommend the provider once we know more information about the proposed solution.
Servers: You need one or more servers to send and receive job/order information to the PDA's. The number of servers required will depend on your organisation, availability and the robustness of the solution you require.
GSM: We recommend one or more GSM devices for backup when GPRS is unavailable. This requirement is dependant on how critical the solution is to the organisation and what alternative workarounds can be used.
PDA devices: We recommend a number of PDA devices including the Motorola ES400, the HTC Advantage X7510 and the HTC P3470. These devices are rugged enough for most environments and very cost effective when bought in bulk.
Effective PDA solutions require careful integration with the software systems already in use. Design of the software depends on your specification of the level of security required and the need to provide your personnel with the system that is easiest to use.
Databases: We recommend the use of either MS SQL server or Oracle for the backend database. These databases are well proven and in use by 1000's of large organisations worldwide. We have the expertise to integrate the PDA solution as tightly as possible with your current line of business systems (Accounting systems, order processing systems, contact management).
We have experience with integrating to line of business systems like JD Edwards, Coda, Navision and SAP. We will develop the middleware using a number of pre-built modules that are proven and robust. Where necessary we will build modules from scratch using the Microsoft .NET framework.

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