Advanced Vehicle Glazing is a mobile windscreen repair company offering 24 hour service 7 days a week. Fitters are located nationwide and managed from one central Head Office in Luton. Currently AVG fit windscreens for both account and direct one off customers. 
The Windscreen Management Solution (WMS) has been designed specifically for the windscreen industry. The solution means that AVG can send job information and manage fitters’ workloads without the need to rely on voice communications or faxing paperwork.
Previously AVG has used a manual system to record, allocate, complete and invoice jobs.    This has resulted in a large amount of duplication of effort throughout the processes.
This manual solution required fitters to manually fill out paperwork and pass this back to head office at regular intervals, therefore leading to a delay in invoicing, as well as illegible handwriting making it hard to invoice.
Looking to increase the size of the business without unnecessarily increasing operating costs, AVG looked to Ideal Host to provide an easy to use, efficient system. Ideal Host has achieved this using the WMS product created specifically for the industry.
This allows processes to be streamlined, making the cradle to grave process of a job as effective and timely as possible.

All job information is automatically sent to the fitter via a PDA device. Once completed, the direct link with Sage means that invoices are posted electronically with no need for manual entry into Sage.
WMS has allowed greater scope for reporting, and for information to be pulled at the click of a button, allowing staff to concentrate on the core of the business.
The new solution:
  • Provides job information to fitters quickly and accurately
  • Real time updates to the office with job progress
  • Captures signature to confirm damage report before starting job
  • Automatically prices job on site
  • Captures customer signature when the job is complete
  • Takes credit card information for processing at the office
  • Reduces the amount of duplication
  • Increases reporting capabilities
  • Allows invoices to be sent on the day of completion



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